Conference Publications 

  1. A false alarm reduction method for GPR sensor Moving at varying heightsA false alarm reduction method for GPR sensor Moving at varying heights

  2. Identification of buried objects based on peak scatter modelling of GPR Ascan signals

  3. Millimeter Wave Detection of Landmines

  4. Effect of Pulse Fidelity on Detection of Landmines

  5.  Discrimination of Buried objects Using Angular Radial Transform and Multi-layer Perceptrons

  6. Handheld Multisensor system design dedicated to mine detection

  7. Effects of Different Soil Types on Strip-Map GPR SAR Images

  8. Comparative Analysis Of Clutter Suppression Techniques For Landmine Detection Using Ground Penetrating Radar

  9. Buried Object Detection Using Goodness-of-fit to Gumbel Distribution

  10. Rotation and scale invariant template matching applied to buried Object detection in GPR data

  11. Real-time Buried Object Detection Using LMMSE Estimation

  12. A Novel Detection Warning Signal Creation  Method for Hand-Held GPR Applications

  13. Adaptive Linear Prediction Based Buried Object Detection with Varying Detector Height

  14. Experimental Investigation of Different Soil Types for Buried Object Imaging Using Impulse GPR

  15. Real-Time Object Detection Using Dynamic Principal Component Analysis

  16. Textile Antenna for the Multi-sensor (Impulse GPR&EMI) Subsurface Detection System

  17. Development of Dual Sensor Hand-Held Detector

  18. Depth estimation of buried objects using wavelet transform and statistical hypothesis testing

  19. Two Dimensional Template Matching Method for Buried Object Discrimination in GPR Data

  20. Identification of Metallic Objects with Various Sizes and Burial Depths

  21. Investigation of Convenient Antenna Designs for Ultra-Wide Band GPR Systems

  22. Buried metallic object identification by EMI sensor

  23. CA-CFAR Detection against K-distrubuted clutter in GPR

  24. Ultra-Wide Band Antenna Design for Multi-sensor Adaptive Ground Penetrating Impulse Radar

  25. Signal processing techniques to improve GPR detection performance

  26. Real time detection of buried objects by using GPR

  27. Image Multi-Thresholding Based On sample Moment Function

  28. Selection of Thresholding Methods for Non-Destructive Testing Applications

  29. A novel multilevel thresholding method based on finding the consistent peak of correlation function

  30. A study on the evaluation of multilevel thresholding methods based on the automatic thresholding criterion

  31. An Application of Multilevel Thresholding Methods to Visual Cloth Quality Inspection

  32. Visual Inspection of Reflective Materials

  33. Image Segmentation Based on Boundary Constraint Neural Network

  34. A Comparision of Visual Target Tracking Methods in Noisy Environments

  35. Quality Inspection in PCBs and SMDs Using Computer Vision Techniques

  36. A Parallel Implementation of a Novel Cubic Interpolation Technique For Visual Analysis

  37. A Modified Cubic Interpolation for Rapid Image Processing